Thing 5: Japan’s Far Right Blocks the screening of “The Cove”

I read an article from the NY Times titled “Japan’s Far Right Blocks the Screening of  “The cove”. “The Cove”  is an Oscar winning documentary about Dolphin hunting in Japan.  The film depicts dolphin hunting an an “unflattering” light”.  A Mr. Nishimura, leader of the Far Right Wing group called the Society for the Restoration of Sovereignty (a small minority in Japan) lead the protest against showing the film in Yokohama.    Other taboo areas that have been made taboo by the small minority group include Whale hunting, Tokoyo’s occupation of parts of Asia, Japan’s Royal Family, rights for ethnic minorities, Japan”s role in WWII, and organized crime groups.  Mr. Nishimura believes that “whaling and Dolphin hunting are time-honored Japanese traditions that must be protested from Western Condemnation”.

What I found interesting about this article is how one small group can control the rights of others. Sometimes we take for granted the rights that we have in the USA to show or watch a controversial  movie and to be able to form our own opinions.

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